Frequently asked questions

What is Your Social Smile?

Your Social Smile is a marketing & engagement tool for dentists that helps boost case acceptance of dental aesthetic treatments.

How is Your Social Smile better than other digital smile design apps?

Existing smile design solutions are comprehensive and feature-rich systems that require lots of time and effort to create smile simulations. 

To use YSS you don’t have to be an IT expert. No special training required. No special system requirements and integrations needed. All you need is your phone or tablet. YSS Virtual Try-On works instantly and gives you full manual control over smile simulations and teeth manipulations.

Why should I sign up for a beta version? What’s in it for me?

Your Social Smile includes 3 treatment modules: whitening, veneers, and braces.

This allows clinicians to be in the driver's seat in terms of managing patient expectations and outcomes.

3-week free license with analytics. Custom branded to your clinic.

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